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Client testimonials

Love to love YOU!

"I came in to the experience doubting how it would go and how comfortable I would feel but left feeling like a total bad ass……do it!!! It’s totally worth it!"

"If you're thinking boudoir, choose Bekka, she is THE BEST! I thought I'd like 10-20 images maybe and it ended up being a STRUGGLE to narrow down to even 50. The experience with Bekka just kept getting better and better. She really makes you feel good in the studio and shows you how great you're looking then you see the final images and wow!"

-Ms. E

-Ms. K

"Bekka was just amazing! From working with my busy schedule as a nurse to literally capturing what I feel is my very essence, I am so happy! Here I am turning 40 in a few months and I have never felt better about myself! These pictures just make me feel so beautiful and I keep looking at them over and over and smiling. I will definitely book a second session!"

-Ms. K

"This is definitely one of the best experiences I have ever had. I was nervous at first, but Bekka made sure I felt relaxed and comfortable the entire time. The photos were absolutely stunning and nearly impossible to choose which ones I wanted. Definitely looking forward to doing this again!"

-Ms. A

"I had an absolute blast. Bekka made it the most comfortable and stress free experience ever. I shared my concerns/areas of insecurity and she listened and captured photos that hid/made those areas look amazing. She was very specific when it came to picking poses and showing me how to do them even doing them herself to show me exactly what I needed to do. We laughed throughout the whole shoot. I had a lot of fun. 10/10 would do it again."

-Ms. K

"If you are even slightly thinking about doing a boudoir shoot with Bekkah... ABSOLUTELY DO IT!!
I don’t think anyone understands, until they have this experience, how empowering it is! No matter what your look, body size, or comfort level is, Bekkah does it all, and makes you feel completely comfortable and beautiful every step of the way! I initially did this as a wedding gift for my husband, not realizing how great it would be for myself. I hope Bekkah realizes how much I appreciate her letting me see myself in a different light. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this experience!! I’m already looking forward to doing another shoot soon!"

-Ms. K

"This was the BEST experience! I felt so comfortable from the very beginning. The images you get at the end are only part of the package, I feel the self esteem boost is the best part! I highly recommend doing this for yourself, you won't be disappointed!"

-Ms. J

Indiana Boudoir Photographer