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  • the best hype girl
  • camera-obsessed
  • self-love promoter

 Ever since I can remember, I've had an obsession with taking photos. I've ALWAYS had a camera! Being able to use my love of photography and getting to  promote self-love makes this my DREAM career! 

What sets me apart from other boudoir photographers?
  • I give posing direction the ENTIRE time!
  • I help you plan your session EVERY step of the way! 
  • I am ALWAYS available to answer your questions and respond to texts/emails. 
  • We will seriously be besties by the end of this!
  • My success is determined by how much you love your images.
  • Our hair and makeup artists are AMAZING, uplifting and love pouring love into you as much as I do!

hi friends, i'm Rebekkah.


Schedule a complimentary phone consultation to chat with our booking manager. She will go over the entire experience and answer all of your questions. We can even schedule you right over the phone if you're ready! When you schedule, Bekka will reach out right away to schedule a call to plan your session! 

On the day of your session,  you will be greeted by one of our amazing makeup artists and Bekka. Professional hair and makeup is included as well as strip lashes! Plan on being at the studio for at least 3 hours. 1 hour for your makeover and up to 2 hours for photos! 



After your session, we choose a date (about a week later) for you to view all of your FULLY edited images and purchase your collection and customize your album.

Meet the team!

Rebekkah: Photographer/CEO
Katie: Booking manager
Lyz: Makeup artist
Ashton: Makeup artist
Payton: Makeup artist

The Studio

Rebekkah: Photographer/CEO

Ashton: Hair/makeup artist

Lyz: Hair/makeup artist

Payton: Hair/makeup artist

Katie: Booking manager

What to expect

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outdoor boudoir

If you would have told past me that one day I would LOVE pictures of myself that somebody else took I would have probably laughed. I was SO nervous coming into my session but by the 2nd click of Bekkah’s camera I was having the time of my life! It was the most fun, exciting, empowering thing I have ever done. It was so fun we were laughing and giggling the whole time. They’re so good that you will not believe that it’s you! And that you love them! I walked out of my session feeling so good about myself that nobody could tell me ANY different!

Love notes from our clients! 

Maternity Boudoir

Bekka was ABSOLUTELY amazing at my photo session with her! This was my first time meeting her and my first time doing boudoir and she was nothing short of perfect. There was not a moment that I did not feel beautiful or confident in my posing and images. She is so creative and really knows how to make a woman feel good! I highly recommend her and what she does!

Love notes from our clients!

From the very beginning, Bekka provided an inviting atmosphere full of the most fabulous energy and trust! She made me feel comfortable and knew how to pose me in the most flattering ways. While I'm a bit shy, I wasn't near as awkward as I was afraid I was going to be! This is because Bekka is absolutely amazing at what she does!

Bekka, thank you for an emotional life changing experience.

Love notes from our clients!

Bekka made me feel so sexy and positive about my body. I got more and more encouraged as she showed me pictures along the way because DAMN I looked hot! She took every suggestion I had and ran with it. 10/10 will be doing this again.

Love notes from our clients!

Book a session with her now! On the fence? Book it! Ready to go right now! BOOK IT!
She made me so comfortable from start to finish. You can bring your own lingerie or use some from her client closet. The space was clean and private. Choosing photos for your album is easy and the finished product is gorgeous! I can't recommend Bekka enough.

Love notes from our clients!

Bekka was amazing! She guided me through everything and made sure I was always comfortable. The images are fantastic and I cannot stop looking at them!

Love notes from our clients!

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